Keep Your Maserati In Tip Top Cosmetic Shape


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A properly maintained Maserati is a Maserati that will run well for years to come. And a Maserati that will run well for years to come is a Maserati that will provide endless bliss when you're able to do what you love most with your Maserati: drive it.

Suggested mechanical Maserati maintenance intervals are outlined in your owner's manual. Routine maintenance tasks include oil change, brake service, tire replacement, and more. But have you considered how important it is to keep your Maserati clean, cosmetically?

Cosmetic Maserati Maintenance

Keeping your Maserati clean is just as important as keeping your Maserati well-taken-care of, mechanically. Routine cosmetic maintenance like regular washing and waxing can help prevent your paint from being faded or corroded. Over time, a cleaner Maserati holds its resale value much better than a Maserati that has not been maintained, cosmetically. Ensuring the interior of your Maserati is taken care of too with things like leather treatments and occasional carpeting shampooing is also important.

Maserati Detailing

If you have the desire to keep your Maserati clean and shiny, but don't have the time to take out of your busy life to do this, then you should consider taking your car to us here at Boardwalk Maserati for auto detailing. Our dedicated, trained detailers will use only the highest quality car-care products and procedures to make your Maserati look its best inside and out. Ready to make an appointment? Reach out to us online or by phone at (877) 575-8277.

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