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Checking Tire Tread Depth

There are various ways of knowing whether your tire tread is worn off and it’s time for a retread or replacement. Worn out tires result in unsafe driving and underperformance of the tires and the car in general.

The penny test is the most common way of checking for your tread depth. The test requires you to check whether you have reached the 2/32 inch depth limit and must replace them immediately.

How to do it:

  • With the Lincoln’s head pointing downwards, insert the penny between the raised portions of the tread, the ribs.
  • If its entire head disappears into the ribs, the treads are still okay as they are above 2/32 inch. The treads are not deep enough if you can see the head of the penny and it may be time to replace your tire.
  • Proper inspection requires you to carry out multiple tests on various parts of the tire especially the ones that physically look worn out.

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