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Maserati continually offers various interior styling options, exterior colors, and various accessories to personalize your ideal Maserati model to suit your lifestyle and preferences. The Maserati Nerissimo package, available on select models, offers drivers an unmistakably bold, visually arresting option for those seeking the utmost in sleek design. Further highlighting the black accents throughout the design through the continuation of that visual trope across both the exterior and interior, the Nerissimo package offers an executive black color palate accented by bright chrome and the bold red brake calipers. Italian for "extremely black", Nerissimo-imbued models uphold their namesake.

Exclusive, Bold Style

Available on select models only, and featuring unique interior and exterior design, models equipped with the Nerissimo package stand apart from not only competing models, but non-Nerissimo equipped models within the Maserati lineup itself. Unmistakable in its understated, minimalist approach, yet commanding and inspiring both outside and in, the Nerissimo-styled Maserati models offer exclusivity within an already distinctive circle of vehicle ownership.

Models Available With Nerissimo Styling

Whether seeking the spacious capacity and unrelenting capabilities of the Maserati Levante, the timeless style and composed eminence of the Maserati Ghibli, or the iconic culmination of luxury and performance of the Maserati Quattroporte, drivers receive the additional option of further personalizing their model with the available Nerissimo package.

Boardwalk Maserati - Discover Your Ideal Maserati Style

Maserati models offer a uniquely diverse variety of interior and exterior styles to select from for each available model. However, the immediately recognizable and uniquely distinguished Nerissimo package provides drivers seeking an additional degree of personalization and prominence their preferred balance between tastefully bold design and subtle poise. Stop by Boardwalk Maserati to browse our selection of available Maserati models, or give us a call to inquire about the Nerrisimo package for the Maserati model of your choice.