Maserati, for decades, has remained at the forefront of automotive design and innovation. Utilizing world-class craftsman and designers to sculpt an interior and exterior evocative of the lifestyles of Maserati's eminent drivers and the brand's rich performance heritage, every Maserati model features designs and innovations developed by master craftsman in everything from woodworking to metalworking. Showcased prominently in the Maserati Quattroporte for the Geneva motor show, De Castelli, a legendary metalworking virtuoso, teamed up with Maserati to apply artistic metalworking to interior components like the dashboard fascia and pedal trims for a truly one-of-a-kind interior.

Form, Function, and Unrivaled Beauty

While every Maserati comes designed to turn heads, the encounter between De Castelli and Maserati truly reveals the hidden potential within every Maserati model. Showcasing three different dashboard finishes at the working table of the auto show, De Castelli and Maserati reveal a DeMarea Iron, DeMarea Copper and DeMarea Brass finish - delicately oxidized to reflect the Italian sea and surrounding landscapes, De Castelli's beautiful evocations of the Italian countryside within a Maserati masterpiece reveals the elegance and artistic style of Maserati's inherent design.

Maserati: Discover Your Affinity For Automotive Artistic Expression

While Maserati's De Castelli encounter at the Geneva motor show showcased unique configurations and customizations of legendary Maserati models, such an experience highlights the potential hidden within every Maserati vehicle. With numerous craftsman eagerly awaiting to assist a Maserati owner in personalizing their vehicles, and Maserati offering a variety of personalization and configuration options, finding a Maserati evocative of your lifestyle proves easier than ever. Stop by Boardwalk Maserati to speak with a sales professional regarding available Maserati configuration options today!