While De Castelli metalworking showcased the potential of beautifully crafted metal materials adorning models like the Maserati Quattroporte, Maserati, at the Geneva motor show, additionally showcased collaborations with other master craftsman - namely, Giorgetti woodworking. While metal inlays provide an elegant, sleek and raw ambiance, the natural warmth and natural connection experience with an inclusion of delicately sculpted wood appointments stands as another viable option. Maserati models, versatile in their expression and malleable in their reflection of drivers' lifestyles, benefit from the inclusion of such works of art - revealing the potential hidden within every purchased Maserati.

Giorgetti Woodworking: Nature, Refined

Following the sleek interior design of the Maserati Quattroporte, Giorgetti showcased three elegant wooden dashboard inlays, crafted from three of the twelve Giorgetti wood species: Maple, Walnut and Ash. Combining precision mechanical refinements with personalized manual craftsmanship, Giorgetti's dashboard fascias even revealed a Shibori-decorated selection. With sleek and shimmering veneers finalizing the artistically-developed pieces, offering intense textures via the Tanganika Frise, and bold, inspiring landscapes through the Ziricote wood. While showcased at the Geneva motor show, such personalization of any Maserati model remains an option for the artistically-mined owner. With numerous options available to personalize your Maserati when ordering, finding a Maserati crafted to suit your sensibilities proves straightforward and more easily attainable than previous imagined.

Boardwalk Maserati: Embrace Maserati Elegance

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