The Upcoming Maserati Alfieri: Learn More About The Luxury EV Coupe

While announced in 2014, the Maserati Alfieri has been gathering a significant quantity of press due to its upcoming release sometime between now and 2022. While previously just a name and body style to match, some specifications and aspects of the EV Coupe has been revealed. As the Maserati brand continues to grow and evolve with the ever changing desires of drivers, new and completely redesigned models within the next three years can be expected from Maserati - most likely starting with the Maserati Alfieri.


The Maserati Alfieri will feature a modular spaceframe made from aluminum for significant weight reduction over comparable models and previous Maserati vehicles. In conjunction with active aerodynamics, the sleek profile of the upcoming Maserati Alfieri stands poised to hit 100 kilometers per hour in under two seconds!


While the exterior and craftsmanship of the upcoming Alfieri are sleek and forward-thinking, the drivetrain largely defines the upcoming model. Equipped with electric all-wheel drive, the Maserati Alfieri will be capable of delivering massive quantities of power straight to the road without hesitation - an inherent benefit of electric motors. Paired with the active aerodynamics and innovative modular spaceframe, Maserati's first ever luxury EV Coupe stands poised to usurp the industry with its segment-defining style and performance.

Anticipate The Future with Boardwalk Maserati

While its exact release has yet to be determined, Maserati enthusiasts await the release of the Maserati Alfieri and countless other new hybrid or plug-in electric models from Maserati, as their 2022 plans quickly grow closer. Stop by Boardwalk Maserati to speak with a Maserati profession regarding upcoming models, or to browse our currently available selection of new and pre-owned Maserati models!

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