Conceptualizing the Ghibli: A Masterclass In Maserati Design


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The Maserati Ghibli stands as a testament to Maserati's commitment to uncompromising design - seamlessly combining luxury with sport-inspired performance for an unparalleled driving experience within the automotive world. While the Maserati Ghibli captured the attention of drivers across the globe with its announcement, a deeper look into its conceptualization and subsequent birth reveals a story of elegance, inspiration and the core of the Maserati design ethos. The Ghibli stands as a culmination of decades of collected knowledge in motorsport performance and exquisite Italian design, and modern advancements in engineering, aerodynamics and style.


Inspired by nature, the Ghibli's flowing lines reflect high-reaching, wind-sculpted stone arches, the tireless ebb and flow of the Mediterranean, and the beautiful silhouette of the mountainous Italian countryside at sunset - thrusting the Maserati Ghibli into the spotlight, both day and night with its distinctive profile. With a grille inspired by the A6 GCS Berlinetta, a classic Maserati, the Ghibli reflects design sentiments of both the present and past with effortless poise.


Further tapering the Ghibli's dramatic form, designers brilliantly form the triangular C-pillar with the frameless door windows to invoke the form of a sports coupe - not only capturing the unique designs of the more agile segment, but even imbuing handling characteristics not commonly expected from the Ghibli's impressively long wheelbase.


To ensure every driver, regardless of location, receives an impeccable driving experience from their Ghibli, designers and engineers rigorously tested the dramatically-sculpted Ghibli in harsh environments like Sweden, New Zealand, Morocco and even South Africa to ensure the Ghibli not only stands as a pinnacle of performance throughout the world, but that its bold style conveys a perfect balance of restraint and sophistication regardless of its location. Diffusing the harsh light of the deserts of Africa off its muscular wheel arches in an attractive, halo-like glow, reflecting the bright snow shimmer off its prominent grille in the forests of Sweden, and complimenting the mountainous terrain of New Zealand with its elegantly designed roof mirroring the rise and fall of wind-swept cliffs surrounding it, the Maserati Ghibli stands as a testament to perfection in automotive design.

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