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Founded in late 1914 in Bologna, Italy, the Maserati brothers began development on their own car designs following the First World War - thus changing the trajectory of the Italian automotive industry. Over the following decades, Maserati developed into a motorsports powerhouse - developing and racing iconic models while developing innovative solutions to monumental hurdles of the time. As time and the performance industry progressed, Maserati continually evolved to meet and exceed the standards of the time - often setting the global standard for performance, style and innovation for production cars and motorsports alike. Upholding this legacy of innovation and elegance to this day, Maserati remains a household name when it comes to impeccable craftsmanship and unrelenting performance.

The Maserati A6: Revolutionizing The Maserati Brand

Perhaps the most important model release by Maserati came in 1946 with the release of the Maserati A6 Pininfarina Gran Turismo - a six-cylinder prototype released to honor Alfieri that stood as the first vehicle designed for daily use as opposed to strictly racing. Unveiled formally at the 1948 Turin Motor Show, the Maserati A6 1500, crafted by designer Battista Farina stunned the world and thrust Maserati into the limelight with drivers outside the racetrack.

The Introduction of The Quattroporte

In 1967, Maserati introduced the Quattroporte to the world at the Turin Motor Show - receiving the title of "fastest sedan in the world" at the time. In the years that followed, iconic models like the Mistral, Ghibli and the Bora would come to offer drivers revolutionary style and exemplary performance - thus cementing Maserati as a major player in the global automotive industry.

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