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Schedule Your Maserati Service Appointment with Boardwalk Maserati

Maserati models demand the utmost in precision engineering to maintain their impeccable performance capabilities throughout their lifetimes. From routine maintenance tasks like oil changes, to an in-depth analysis regarding brake system or engine repairs, Boardwalk Maserati's experienced team of Maserati technicians tirelessly work to ensure your model remains in optimal condition - getting you back on the road with complete confidence.


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Keep Your Maserati In Tip Top Cosmetic Shape


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A properly maintained Maserati is a Maserati that will run well for years to come. And a Maserati that will run well for years to come is a Maserati that will provide endless bliss when you're able to do what you love most with your Maserati: drive it.

Suggested mechanical Maserati maintenance intervals are outlined in your owner's manual. Routine maintenance tasks include oil change, brake service, tire replacement, and more. But have you considered how important it is to keep your Maserati clean…

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Checking Tire Tread Depth

There are various ways of knowing whether your tire tread is worn off and it’s time for a retread or replacement. Worn out tires result in unsafe driving and underperformance of the tires and the car in general.

The penny test is the most common way of checking for your tread depth. The test requires you to check whether you have reached the 2/32 inch depth limit and must replace them immediately.

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Maintain the Performance of Your Maserati with Premium Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance at Boardwalk Maserati

Maintaining the operational integrity of your Maserati investment is essential to

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Maserati Issues Recall on 2014 Quattroporte GTS

When you come in to Boardwalk Maserati in Plano, TX, you'll be amazed at the level of quality in our new Maserati lineup. Luxury, performance, comfort, modern design and features; you can find it all here and we'll love nothing better than to show you anything that you like up close and personal. However, sometimes accidents happen and the automaker has to issue a recall.

Maserati has sent for a recall on certain...

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